Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD) Wristbands

Dissociative Identity Disorder Wristbands

These multicolored awareness wristbands display a ribbon symbol and DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER on the red/teal/yellow side, and MULTIPLE PERSONALITY on the blue/purple side.
Adult size:  202mm / approx 8 inches in circumference, which fits most men and women
Youth/Women's size: 180mm / approx 7 inches.

XL size: 228mm / approx 9 inches. Only available for bulk orders.

Special prices if you order more than one wristband, or buy with a DID (MPD) ribbon lapel pins.
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Also available with PTSD wristbands (teal with white message), these say POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS AWARENESS on on side, Not All Wounds Are Visible on the other.

Dissociative Identity Disorder wristband


  • Available
  • Depatched within 2-5 days1


Wristbands are made of differently colored sections, representing the fact that people with DID (MPD) have different dissociative parts (alter personalities).

The words are debossed (sunk into the wristbands) so they will not wear off. Each wristband is unique, with differences in the length of each colored section and the join where different colors meet (see photos). Wristbands are 100% silicone.

Less than perfect DID wristbands

Due to a supplier mistake some less than perfect wristbands are available for the price covering our paypal sales & postage fees.

Impections include:

  • odd positioning of letters, color changes interrrupt words, making them harder to read
  • Very short teal colored sections, up to half length of others colors
  • A few have marks that cannot be removed, including black marks
  • No presentation cards and reused packaging to cover some of the sales fees
  • Orders of 5 or 10 are welcome, please save these from landfill!