Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD) Ribbon Pins

Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbons (lapel pin badges)

A Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbon made up of brightly colored enamel pieces on a black metal base. These are believed to be the first and only Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbon lapel pins available anywhere in the world.

Size: 2.5cm (height)
Special prices if you order more than one, or order with a DID wristband.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbon lapel badge


  • Available
  • Depatched within 2-5 days1


Based on the original 'crazy quilt' design from Coping in Crazyvillethis badge is in the shape of an awareness ribbon, and made using 8 different colors of soft enamel, with black edging between each color and around the edge.


These Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbons are an exact match in size and shape to our Teal ribbons, which are used for PTSD and Dissociative Disorder awareness.