Amnesia-related Items from Other Stores

These practical items may be helpful in coping with amnesia or forgetfulness, and organizing daily life between alter personalities in DID. 

We don't sell these items directly because there is already a good range available on sale elsewhere.

  • Medication / tablet reminder - either basic pill boxes or reminders with an alarm, these are useful for medication and/or multi-vitamins to make sure you don't take too many, or miss taking them. Helpful in preventing you accidentally taking too many pain tablets in a day.
  • Key finder - attach one part to your keyring and whistle or press a button to hear where they are 
  • Kitchen whiteboard or blackboard - a message board for listing appointments or jobs to do, or for communicating between alter personalities, useful for busy families too
  • Shopping list with magnet - a notepad so you don't forget what you went to buy, put this on the fridge or microwave for alter personalities to read and add their own items in advance
  • Alarm clock with date displayed - some even shows the day of week and year, as well as the day and month, particularly useful if you 'lose' time
  • Reward Chart - use these to keep track of daily life or encourage young alter. Routine Charts, Behavior Charts and Sticker Charts can be bought as wall charts or you can print one from some of the free downloads found on the web
  • Journal - record your progress in therapy or just keep track of daily life, also helpful for communicating between alter personalities