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Grounding Cards for Flashbacks or Dissociation

Grounding cards for Flashbacks


Grounding skills are often useful in dealing with flashbacks or episodes of dissociation, which are common in PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. This set of cards explains a range of different grounding skills, and includes information about flashbacks.


Either download a free set of the grounding cards - in the form of photos - to print yourself, or buy a set of printed cards.


The printed Grounding Cards are made using a laser printer set to a photo print quality, so they won't smudge if they get wet. Cards are 15x10cm, which is an easy size to hold.

Each card has a differently colored border to help you quickly find the card you want. Cards are printed on one side only, allowing you to make your own notes or add your own ideas on the other side.


Topics on the grounding cards:

  1. accepting flashbacks & why this is sometimes helpful
  2. how to control a flashback
  3. wall spotting
  4. how to escape (stop) a flashback
  5. fizz/buzz game
  6. using ice cubes
  7. taking notes & making a plan for flashbacks

You should try to familiarize yourself with the cards and practice some of the skills before using them during a flashback or dissociative symptoms, you can also ask your therapist/friend to help you use them.


Disclaimer: These cards are not medical advice and are not a replacement for professional help. They describe a set of skills that other people have found helpful. If you find yourself feeling unsafe or struggling with a particular part then stop, and try contacting your therapist (if you have one), a helpline or a supportive friend. Most people will not find every card useful. Feel free to resell them, or test them out by downloading a copy before buying.