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Dissociative Identity Disorder Wristbands
These multicolored awareness wristbands display a ribbon symbol and DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER on the red/teal/yellow side, and MULTIPLE PERSONALITY on the blue/purple side. Adult size:  202mm / approx 8 inches in circumference, whic ... (Read More)
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Posttraumatic Stress / Not All Wounds Are Visible
These PTSD wristbands display POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS AWARENESS on one side, and Not All Wounds Are Visible on the other. More details Adult size:  202mm / approx 8 inches in circumference, which fits most men and women, and Youth/Women' ... (Read More)
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Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbons (
A Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbon made up of brightly colored enamel pieces on a black metal base. These are believed to be the first and only Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbon lapel pins available anywhere in the world. ... (Read More)
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Other Items - Grounding cards for flashbacks, Inte
Use this option to Add faster non-European delivery for any items already in your basket (pay an extra fee for delivery in 2-3 weeks instead of up to 6 weeks) Buy Grounding Cards for Flashbacks (limited availability) ... (Read More)
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Teal ribbon lapel pin: PTSD, Anxiety, Dissociative
These teal ribbons are made from soft enamel and can be worn as a lapel pin, on a hat or attached to a bag. Special prices if you order more than one, or if ordered with a Posttraumatic Stress Awareness / Not All Wounds Are Visible wristband ... (Read More)
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