Grounding cards

Grounding cards

Grounding Cards for Flashbacks or Dissociation

Grounding skills are often useful in dealing with flashbacks or episodes of dissociation, which are common in PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. This set of cards explains a range of different grounding skills, and includes information about flashbacks.


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Cards are designed to be printed on 15cm x 10cm (6" x 4") photo card. Each card is in the form of a PNG image, which almost all computers should recognize. Set your printer to print to this size of card.

Disclaimer: These cards are not medical advice and are not a replacement for professional help. They describe a set of skills that other people have found helpful. If you find yourself feeling unsafe or struggling with a particular part then stop, and try contacting your therapist (if you have one), a helpline or a supportive friend. Most people will not find every card useful. Feel free to resell them, distribute them, or test them out by downloading a copy before buying a printed copy.

Card 1 - Accept
Grounding card 1 - Accept
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Card 2 - Control
Grounding card 2 - Controlling flashbacks
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Card 3 - Wall Spotting
Grounding card 3 - Wall spotting
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Card 4 - Escape
Grounding card 4 - Escaping a flashback
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Card 5 - Fizz Buzz
Grounding card 5 - Fizz Buzz
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Card 6 - Ice Cubes
Grounding card 1 - Ice Cubs
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Card 7 - Taking Notes
Grounding card 7 - Taking notes
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