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Why are we selling online? 

Trauma Dissociation began in March 2014, with the aim of good quality sharing information about trauma and dissociative disorders and related topics, and making this information available freely.


Over time, we have receive a number of queries about where to buy particular awareness items, including Dissociative Identity Disorder lapel pin badges, or DID wristbands. None were available, so we decided to look into how to make some custom products. The result is the Trauma Dissociation store.


We are aiming to keep prices low - although it does depend on things like costs for listing items and payment services. Making custom products involves producing large number of items in order for them to be affordable, so it may take some time for us to break even. If a profit is eventually made overall, it will be used for the web hosting of this website, which allows us to avoid relying using adverts for income.

We are also linking to selected items made by charities or others on our Other Awareness Items page, for example those designed by individuals and professionally made through cafepress, zazzle or similar stores for personalized products.